Getting productive with Todos

My whole life I wasn’t a fan of those todo lists. I never got how they could be useful for me. Huge lists with multiple items I could never complete. This led to the consequence that I nearly stopped planning my tasks completely and didn’t get things done in time. Now I discovered my personal secret about those todo lists ☺: For each item you exactly have to know the situation when it is completed.

What I’m trying to say is that you have to know the feeling and the circumstances of your goal. Otherwise your point doesn’t fit on a todo list. Ok, you often got tasks where you don’t know the circustances of your goal. This is when you should sit done and research on the problem to collect the information about the circumstances.

After that phase when you know how the world looks like after your task: Get your hands dirty and break the work into a todo list. You’ll see that when using this simple pattern you’re getting much more productive and successful. At least I am now ☺

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