The Makeup Artist | Mariela Giurova

Ever since she was little Mariela Giurova has had a passion for makeup- “I even reached for a lipstick at my proshtapulka- a Bulgarian tradition that is said to predict someone’s career path in life.”

Mariela studied Business Admiration but couldn’t picture herself behind a desk. Even though she has only taken a beginners course on doing makeup she can create makeup looks by using just a single product. “Sometimes I use lipstick as a base for my shadows, it makes the eyeshadow so pigmented and beautiful ,” she says. “One time I even used my lipstick as a brow pencil,” she adds.

She considers makeup as a form of art. According to her, being able to master this skill is not something you can learn, but rather something you are born with. “In order for someone to succeed in this field they need to be extremely driven,” she says.

Her favorite part about being a makeup artist is how you can begin with something small and build it into something unexpected just by experimenting a bit. “Doing makeup is like creating a masterpiece from scratch,” Mariela says. When asked what her favorite makeup product is Mariela without hesitation replied — lipstick. “It is my favorite because there are so many different colors, textures, finishes. You can play so much with it, mixing and matching until you are happy with the final color.”

At the moment Mariela is a representative of a makeup brand here, in Blagoevgrad, where she is originally from. “I love working for this brand! We get to attend workshops, which are very interesting. I get to learn about new products and techniques.”

“Every time I talk about makeup my eyes brighten, I don’t consider my work as work, because I sincerely enjoy it,” she adds.

When asked about the hardest part of her job Mariela said “The client’s impatience, they want everything to happen fast and you can’t rush this process, it’s like rushing an artist to paint his canvas faster.” She also adds that “Sometimes clients don’t understand why I am mixing so many colors and keep on telling me things like ‘I don’t want to look like a clown’.”