Inspired partially by the protests and frustration caused by the death of George Floyd, I’ve been thinking of ways to channel my energy and push for changes that drastically need to happen. I’d like to start by giving a list of discussion topics and acknowledge that I am only capable of seeing a small snapshot of the US and that my intuitions are quite possibly misguided. At the end of the day, all I care about is that America becomes a better place for everyone to live in. Maybe my ideas can inspire others to dig deeper. …

The world has changed a great deal from only 6 months ago and due to the sudden risks of meeting up with friends or playing soccer (things that I’d normally do), I’ve had more idle time to sit idle and let my mind wander. In no particular order, I’m going to list the things that I’ve been thinking about.

To start, I am confident that the Starlink mission to bring a few thousand internet-services-providing satellites into lower earth orbit will be a pretty big deal. Especially now with so many people working from home, the ability to access the internet…

Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts, and I am open to criticisms that point out holes in my argument.

I have a theory about human nature that I’ve been thinking about recently. Much like how atoms are constantly seeking their lowest energy states, I’ve come to believe that humans do the same thing. From a biological perspective, this makes sense since humans are just a massive collection of atoms. But let’s dive deeper and give a concrete example of this circumstance. Consider this — you’ve just cooked some rice and chicken and ate all of it. You’re a little food…

Dominik Ritzenhoff

Testing my mental models and trying not to write shitty essays. Go to for a look at some of my projects.

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