CNA Week #5 World News

Actor Killed By Prop In Tokyo

Daigo Kashino was rushed to the hospital on Monday when he was stabbed with a samurai sword at a play rehersal in Koto,Tokyo. The 33-year old actor died a little while after arriving at the hospital. His death remains under investigation as the police continue to investigate whether his death was intentional or on accident.

Three Americans Freed From Captivity In Iraq

Last month, three U.S. citizens were kidnapped by gunmen in Baghdad. According to U.S. officials, on Tuesday, the three Americans, whose identities have yet to be released by the media, were freed by Iraqi intelligence apparatus. According to defense minister of Iraq it is believed that an organized gang in Baghdad was behind the abduction.

Drunk Monkey Threatens Lives In Brazil

On Feb.5, bar employees and attendees were put in serious danger at a bar in Patos, Brazil, when they were chased around by a drunk monkey with a knife. Patos firemen said that the monkey finished off a whole glass of rum before picking up the knife. After the incident, the monkey was released into the wild; however, the monkey currently remains in captivity due to another act of aggressive behavior towards residents of Patos.

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