Pat McCroy

Though born in Columbus, Ohio, Pat McCroy has been a resident of the state he is so devoted to, North Carolina, for the majority of his lifetime. The current North Carolina governor, was raised in Guilford North Carolina where he attended Ragsdale High School.

Later, McCroy went on to recieve his degree in political science at Catawba College. Not only would he recieve his college degree, but also a North Carolina teaching liscence. With his liscence he started his teaching career at North Rowan High School. He then moved to Charlotte, to work for Duke Energy.

With a passion for his city, McCroy decided to run for mayor. His first major political position was when he became elected mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina in 1995. With this political position, McCroy set a record number of serving seven terms in office. McCroy’s main goals as mayor were to focus on public safety, keep taxes low and invest in innovative transportation.

During his time as mayor, he became credited for founding the North Carolina Metropolitan Mayor’s Association. McCroy, went down as one of the more successful mayors of North Carolina based on the fact that thousands of jobs were created under his leadership. His leadership as mayor lasted untill 2009.

In January 2013, McCroy was elected as a Republican to be North Carolina’s 74th governor. With his conservative values, in 2013, the New York Times ranked Mccroy as the ninth most conservative governor in the country. During his time in office, McCroy dealt with several events including the veto of same-sex marriage exemption, budget dispute resolution, and response to the 2014 illegal immigration surge.

McCroy is know for being strongly opposed to issues such as abortion, higher taxes on the wealthy, and no “rights” to clean air and water. McCroy will be facing govenor Robert Brawley and Charles Moss in the 2016 election.