Sound Cloud: Broadcast 4Cs, Dramatic Unity

Characteristics of Writing:

*Writing for the ear- Foundation of Broadcast Journalism

The 4 C’s:


  • Accuracy
  • Must for every area of media


  • Your audience needs to understand what you are saying the first time around
  • Be clear
  • Exact words that you mean to evoke the emotion you are trying to evoke
  • Use simple sentences
  • Know what you are talking about
  • Know your product/info/facts if it is an informative speech


  • Unlike any other style of writing, most in broadcast writing
  • Upmost importance
  • Write to fill a certain amount of time
  • Phrasing your words/tight
  • Look for any repetivness and take out words that can be taken out
  • One main point for each sentece
  • Avoid passive writing


  • Paint a picture
  • Give sound
  • Look for personaity
  • Details
  • People are the story (How are they reacting?)

Completed Circle:

  • Write in a unified fashion
  • Inverted pyramid would not work
  • Speak about 3 words per second

Broadcast most common structure: Dramatic Unity

  • The Story begins with climax moves to cause and has an effect at the end
  • Climax- where you begin story
  • This impactful info has come out this is breaking news
  • Why does anyone care?
  • Cause- Middle of the story/ why it happened?
  • Ending- Effect/ Give context/ insight
  • Personalize things/ talk to our audience

Style Rules:

  • Simple sentence
  • Avoid clauses or phrases that are interuptive
  • Put titles before names (Liberty pres Jerry Falwell)
  • Personalize where ever you can
  • Spell out words like dollars
  • Symbols spelled out
  • No periods or commas only slash marks
  • Ages that need to go with names (76 year old John Smith)
  • Phonetic Spelling
  • Pronouns- difficult to understand
  • When it comes to numbers, approximate/ round off
  • Spell out your numbers 1–12
  • Numerals for 13–999