The Surprisingly Simple Thing Slack Got Wrong
Dharmesh Shah

I’m at the point where I’m dreading the next team invite. I’m up to 8 teams and counting. At this point, there is almost a need for a ‘Slack multi-team management tool’ sitting on top of Slack (like Hootsuite is to Twitter). That’s ridiculous.

The current model is based on Slack being used internally by an enterprise. The trouble is, Slack got turned into a thousand external ‘group organization tool’ conferences. I even belong to a Slack ‘Team’ of independent entrepreneurs! Sometimes a tool gets up on its hind legs and says ‘Yes, I’m a that, but I’m also a this. (This being an alternative or addition to email chains, Trello projects, Meetup Groups, Facebook Group pages, etc.). If you belong to more than, say, 3 of those sorts of teams, then Slack does not fit the enterprise model.

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