Apple Notes is the most innovative thing Apple did in the last two years
Matt Haughey

It really depends if the ideas or facts you need to capture are plain text (or lists) or something else. What I’ve found about Evernote is that its embrace of other types of information (PDFs, web pages, screen shots of maps or other screen details, lists, tables, etc.) means that it fills more than just a ‘remember this phrase’ use case, but a ton of others. For example, if I’m going to a meeting and want to make sure I know where the room is within the building, a quick screen grab of the internal map of the floor layout at my desktop means that I’ll have it enroute on my phone. Or, if I’m at a brainstorming session taking notes on my laptop, including doing an audio capture of the meeting and snapshot of the white board, it’s now part of a rich set of recorded information that I can listen to and view via my iPad during a bus ride home. There are many times when plain text just doesn’t fit the task at hand, and that’s why the ‘when I enter it, it’s everywhere’ nature of different data types into Evernote leaves the simplicity of Apple’s Notes wanting. You may only need to remember a phrase or list. I often need more than that.

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