Testing Rapid API in Postman

Daniyar Nurgaliyev
Aug 24, 2019 · 3 min read
  1. As for a test from “RapidAPI”, i have chosen “REST Countries v1 API”.
    Link is below:

2. On RapidAPI it looks like this:

3. Open Postman, and firstly, create Evironment (An environment is a set of variables that allow you to switch the context of your requests)

4. Then Add Environment:

5. Then Add Environment name e.g. “Countriesinfo”

Add variables (varable names can be as you like).

Add them to initial value as current value will automatically duplicate them:

6. Check if everything is good?

7. Create New Collection, call it e.g. CountriesInfo and Add Request:

8. Create Request:

9. Fill in the Request with the following data:

We have following URL:

10. Results after Clicking Send button


How Easily duplicate the request as we now have new URL:

11. Click Save As …

12. Then Save Request:

13. Change URL and Save Request

14. Have Fun 😉

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