my 3-month TEFL journey

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The noisy streets of Palenque, Chiapas (Mexico)

What to write down? The crying calls of a street vendor or the children’s smile? The blunt lies of fraudulent security guards or the silent faces of people passing by, the crystal clear water, the breathtaking views or the carelessly polluted surroundings just outside those gleaming luxury resorts? You tell me.

It was last year that I decided to move back home from that cold east Germany where I had only just begun working a few months ago. One could say I had a misfortune of falling into the hands of a money-driven entrepreneur — a by heart — who made my every day a living hell. That was of course with great help of his wife, who was when he was away. And to make things worse, I was renting a flat from an old widow, who knew the very well and who badly needed a man’s hand.

How do I always find myself in such lethal situations. Or is it just me who sees people as and needy widows?!

Anyhow, after about a half a year I had enough of all this and decided to go and start seeking for new opportunities in southwest Germany. Meanwhile, however, I received this invitation letter from the International TEFL Academy, Chicago-USA (TEFL as in Teaching English as a Foreign Language), which did came a bit as a surprise, I mean, to be accepted for a TEFL certificate acquisition as a non-native English speaker doesn’t happen every day, I thought, but we’ll get back to that.

So, I decided to follow my heart, full of expectations and unfulfilled wishes to see the world, I packed my bags, moved back home, began this 3-month TEFL course of mine, along the way I decided to start my journey in Mexico, where the positions for EFL teachers seemed like promised all-year round, I booked my flight to the promised city of Guadalajara and off I went.

Now, was I ready for such a journey? Was I ready for an EFL position? Was I ready for Mexico?

Well, enjoy as the story unfolds.

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