Mexico, Day 11 — or are you here for money or women?


The other day I went to this Guadalajara’s ECC session led by an EFL teacher from Bulgaria — such a nice person. The students were very friendly as well and we’ve spent some wonderful time together. There was like this older, serious-looking guy, but with such a wonderful sense of humor — always a winning combination! I was actively participating as a kind of an impro-assistant, it went okay and in the end Marga, the teacher, even told me she might have one student for me, for private tutoring. And today, I received another one-on-one tutoring offer from a smaller company owned by a native American EFL teacher, Emily. We talked a little on the phone and she said I’m okay, meaning, not too much of an accent. Yes, sir! So, there might be something for me here after all?

The question now is do I stay here in January as well — that is if I manage to get something — or do I move on as planned. The city, well, I must say I’m getting used to it day by day. There’s lots of interesting places around here. As said, Guadalajara is only the central city, which has reached four or five other cities in its vicinity by now. So, it’s now a kind of a huge city-complex altogether with lots of tourist attractions.

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On the left a huge Gothic temple from 1897 called Templo Expiatorio, still in use, in the middle the University of Guadalajara with the Mexican pride on the top, on the right a small pre-Christmas fair on my way home

One more thing, there was also this beautiful girl back at ECC, with these big brown eyes and long black hair that were caressing her back everytime she moved, maybe just a tad too young for me, but still, makes me wonder, does one even stand a chance here with girls as a foreigner?

Well, let me tell you about that. There was this busy-looking guy back at the hostel, a Mexican, my age or maybe even a bit younger. And so we went for a beer one afternoon. We found a nice bar, sat down, ordered our Coronas, and before you know it he asks me, are you here for money or women? Well, I must say I was taken aback for a while there, but in the same time I kind of appreciated his straight-forwardness and started contemplating a bit, when he interrupted me again, saying that women, yes, I can find one here, but a job, forget it, you’re not Mexican, you won’t get a job here! Phew, I didn’t really know what to say to that anymore. He didn’t seem like he was joking, and so I replied with really? or something like that, I don’t even remember… but what I do remember is the way he said it. It wasn’t even so much what he said but the way he said it that left such a negative impression on me. Yeah, well, you’re either tourist or you ain’t one!

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