By the way, I’ve also got some names from some great Mexican musicians from the old man, the father of the family I’m staying with here. I just happened to hear some music, early on today, playing somewhere in this huge apartment and I could not help but go check it out. It was the old man, listening to this wonderful, almost orchestral music. So I turned on my Spanish and started a conversation… His hearing is not too good, so it was more of a hand-talk in the end, but I’ve got the ball over the net, apparently, and got the names! Yeah, and here they are, if you’re interested:

  • Mariachi Silvestre Vargas
  • Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan
  • Mariachi Nueva Tecalitlan

PS: Try “Sabes una cosa”, or “La cigarra”, “Cielito lindo”, any really! What a wonderful, rich music.

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