Mexico, Day 8


What a difference a day made…

Life is such, isn’t it? The mood, the weather, the friendships, everything I can think of really. This natural dance — we feel good and then not that good anymore, and after a while quite well again! Like a sine curve, I always like to imagine, that swings up and down, and up and down, and all it really takes sometimes is just wait for those “24 little hours” and it’ll pass, right? All the problems we think we have will somehow change with time or even completely resolve and we’ll find ourselves on the top of the world — feeling really great, right! But then again, that’ll pass too… (It’s a short Zen story about a guy that had befallen a huge misfortune and went to see a Zen monk, wonderful story.)

And so I’m finally here in my own room, with this lovely mexican family, where I’ve decided to stay for a month. The whole house is huge! but still nice and cosy. The rooms are filled with flowers and plants and there are these two funny dogs running around all the time. The smaller one, Daisy, she reminds me of that meerkat-like dog Pika back at home, and the bigger one is called Vasir, or Basir, something like that. Both of them very good mannered, they’ll even come crawling to you with those big pleading eyes, like scratch my back, please! or, what’s that you’re having? They’re cute, alright.

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On the left, one of the “el patios in the house with my room window in the back, in the middle the itchy Daisy, and on the right the snoopy Vasir

It’s really nice here in this el patio — a free space inside the house, which is not covered with roof, like a mini atrium. Wonderful solution! This way almost all the rooms get fresh air. Well, a wonderful solution for this type of climate, I mean, there’s no snow here in the winter.

Today I even caught myself thinking it wouldn’t be that bad to live here after all! The weather’s nice, people seem friendly enough, yet I still can’t get over the feeling that they don’t wanna bond too much… I don’t know. The only downside, as I see it, is business etiquette. Everything always kind of remains in the air, very uncertain, not well defined and too much open to an interpretation. They will like promise you world of things, but deliver very little in the end. Like people, like business, right? Very open! (I’ve made this joke last time, yet nobody really seemed to find it amusing.)

Otherwise, I’m very happy that this mini personal crisis of mine is loosening up. Still I catch myself thinking, what the hell am I going to do here for like three months! What was I thinking, I wanna go home!! But, as said, it’s not that overwhelming anymore, and things are kind of starting to blend together, I mean, there’s also lots of positive aspects of being here, such as incredibly delicious food, then this slow tempo o life feeling, people are usually not bugging you, not even the homeless, which are quietly asking for anything you might spare at the moment, and one could say that behind those too-serious deep-dark-eyed faces, there’s this certain tranquility — no aggression at all! Well, I do hope so, as I have a TEFL meeting tonight, at 7 pm, which is even a bit further away from the city center as this place, where I’m staying now. And I’ll have to take the tube to get there!! Well, the landlady and her daughter haven’t really warned me or anything that I shouldn’t go out that late or so, so the usual precautions apply, I guess. Anyhow, the meeting is about this English Conversation Club that I’ve already checked back at home. In fact, it’s one of their weekly sessions today, and the club founder has personally sent me an invitation today. Cool, right? She also says, they’re offering this one-on-one tutoring. So, I’ve sure got my fingers crossed!

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