Weekend reads for leaders and preachers.

  1. Actually, There’s Not an App for That: Innovation and the Physical World— Successful leadership incorporates synchronous innovation on every front. (Entrepreneur)
  2. One Less Orphan: How Do We Keep Families Together? — “Reconciliation is at the heart of the good news of the gospel.” (Desiring God)
  3. Economics and the human instinct for storytelling — The effects of a narrative are difficult to quantify. Saavy leaders take note of their narrative. (Chicago Booth Review)
  4. The Pastor’s Personal Life: A Source of Power in the Pulpit — Character is king. (9Marks)
  5. What Sets Successful CEOs Apart — Lead with velocity and conviction. Execute with excellence. Move with agility. Over deliver. (Harvard Business Review)
  6. The Homiletical Cart and the Hermeneutical Horse — “…two missing words make the difference between a preacher grounding his sermon in hermeneutics or homiletics.” (Preaching Today)

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