My Transition

I wrote a book Mac Bookin 2015 called Live Smart. In that book, I challenged readers to take risks and do hard things for the gospel, among other things.

Since then, those two challenges have come back to confront me and get me thinking about ways to heed my own words. And so began a process of thinking and praying about how to leverage my life for the sake of God’s kingdom.

After working with my coach, I concluded that I’d take that kind of risk when I was 55. I brought that
 idea to him, hoping to get his feedback and affirmation. His response: “No, you won’t.” I was a little caught off guard by his response, but then he challenged me, as any good mentor would: “Do it by August.”

So, here we are. I’m 51, and this month I’m leaving the job I’ve held for a decade to jump off a cliff and make an initial landing in a big hot mess.

I’m starting a company called Red Buffalo. Red Buffalo is a coaching and consulting firm that seeks to provide leadership, wisdom, and multiplication to high capacity leaders and organizations. RB will help high capacity nonprofit organizations more effectively do what they do. We’ll help train leaders to lead and see how their organization can better fulfill its purpose.

One big part of what I’m doing is helping to overhaul Kentucky’s adoption and foster care system. Frankly, this is a massive undertaking. Kentucky currently has 8,572 children in the foster care system, but we need to do whatever we can to get these children into loving foster homes and ultimately to their forever families far more quickly than it’s been happening.

The book of James says that pure and undefiled religion includes caring for orphans (James 1:27), a priority that simply echoes what’s abundantly clear in the Old Testament, where God calls his people to “seek justice, correct oppression, defend the fatherless…” (Isaiah 1:17).

Caring for the fatherless in the commonwealth of Kentucky is near to God’s heart, and as the adoptive father of two boys, it’s close to mine.

Taking risks is difficult because it requires faith. You can’t see the outcome ahead of time. But there are some challenges important enough — and some needs deep enough — to be worth the risk.

Here we go.

Originally published at Dan Dumas.

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