Special Edition Well-Stocked Mind: ADOPTION

Each Friday, I provide recommended readings from the week for Leaders and Preachers. In light of this week’s announcement, I wanted to share a few Adoption and Foster Care resources.

  1. Foster Care Statistics — Each year thousands of children enter Foster Care. Check out these statistics so you can be more informed.
  2. The Foster Care Crisis: The Shortage of Foster Parents in America — “Children are being placed into foster care; a foster care system where there are not enough homes.”
  3. Show Hope — Christians outnumber orphans 15 to one. Many do not take action to care for orphans because they are unaware of the crisis or feel helpless to do anything about it. Check out this publication and learn how you can get involved.
  4. Foster Children Need the Church — From foster care to forever home: One little boy’s story and how the church played a huge role.
  5. I Like Adoption — The Dennehy’s decide to give the gift of ‘family’ to nine children from around the world. Check out this short video.
  6. Adoption Mirrors God’s Love for Us — “There is no reason why God should have loved us and yet God did love his.” Adoption and Foster Care are some of the most practical ways we can show this love to the world.


Adopted For Life by Russell Moore

Another Place at the Table by Kathy Harrison

Born Broken: An Adoptive Journey by Kristin Berry

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