Your First Love

Jesus spoke about love a lot during his earthly ministry. But did you know that he talked about it after his ascension?

The beginning of Revelation records Jesus’ own words to different churches. The first one, the church in Ephesus, has a solid record. Jesus takes note of:

-their toil and patient endurance
 -their intolerance of those who are evil
 -the way they test those who call themselves apostles and are not
 -their endurance for the sake of Jesus’ name without growing weary

That’s strong. I think I’d join that church.

But the tone changes. Jesus has something against this church: “You have abandoned the love you had at first.”


Ok, well, maybe the good outweighs the bad, right? Wrong. Paul said that if he had everything going for him, but had not love, he had nothing.

This one thing is what makes a local church a church. A church cannot leave its first love. But there’s a way out.

If you’ve got to grow in your biblical love — and we all do, right? — step 1 is to remember where you got out of the stream of God’s love, where you got cynical or critical or sarcastic, whatever it is. Step 2 is to confess it and repent, to make some changes. Take the 15 things we covered in the “Putting on Love” posts and find ways to put them into action.

Love matters. The world will know you by your love.

Love God’s people. Love Jesus, for he first loved you.

Originally published at Dan Dumas.

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