I Am Not a Unicorn. I Am a Gamer.
Anne Munition

One hundred percent agree with your views. It’s pure BS when anyone, guy or girl, tries to downplay ones ability to do what you do. I may not have the privilage of making a living playing games (I’m still a student in college but play daily), but I think it’s great that you’re getting paid to do what you love. After reading this, I realized that I haven’t encountered many girls online and your reasoning behind it makes perfect sense. It kinda bums me out now that I think about it. I am guilty of cussing people out, calling people, possibly girls (?), every name in the book while playing. (Sorry ladies!)

As a guy, it is hard for me to understand the obstacles that women feel in male dominated industries. In my honest opinion, there should be no barriers. Having been raised by a single mom, I was taught that women are often more determined, harder workers than many men. I have a female friend who is majoring in Engineering, a field many would still say is typically guy-centric. In response to her major, I say yes, if that is your passion, by all means, it should not matter if you’re a guy or a girl.

Do what you love people, it should make no difference what your gender happens to be…

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