The Weird Side of SoundCloud better known as “SoundClown”

Though many users on SoundCloud are serious about their posts and want listeners to take their work and other people’s work they post seriously, there is a subculture within SoundCloud that is strictly for comedic relief. This subculture is called SoundClown. Users who tag their content under SoundClown usually aim to allow listeners to have a good time and laugh.

This is a perfect example of a piece of work within SoundClown. Someone remixed the original song and placed in various animal noises at the most perfect times. One user who participates in this subculture exclaims, “The reason I participate in this madness is because I can have an outlet on making content that wouldn’t otherwise fit my serious content. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, afterall.”

I think it is great that there is this weird side of SoundCloud that allows for users to not have to conform and make standard music falling under a specific genre and be able to still let out their creative side just in a funny way. With all the wrong and darkness in the world there needs to be as many ways as possible to laugh. Another participant of this subculture when asked why exclaimed “My answer is, Why not? It’s a fun thing to do, and after I stopped making “proper” music I felt I needed a bit of an outlet for my creativity”.