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200+ sites, apps & books that I recommend any designer should check out.

Exciting news! — This list has been turned into a web app — http:

We’re nominated at the Net Awards!

😮😮 Say whatttt?! We just found out we’ve been nominated for ‘New Agency of The Year’ at the 2015 Net Awards!

Refer No Divide and Earn 5%

Today we’re trailing a new idea, referrals.

Starting today we’re trialling a new idea.

Welcoming Sam to No Divide

Today we’re really excited to welcome Sam Beckham to the team!

Welcoming Sam

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oozled v0.2

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Welcoming Matt to No Divide

Today we’re thrilled to welcome our first full-time employee to No Divide.

Welcoming Matt

Time for Change

Making the move from freelance.

That’s a scary thing to write, and personally, a sentence I never thought I’d write.


How I got my Design Mojo Back.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article ‘Treading through treacle’, I wrote the article pretty quickly and to be honest it was written purely to get what was going on in my head out in the open. A problem shared is a problem halved, as they say.

The response was amazing, to all the people who reached out to me, either…

Designing a Royal Blood Poster

As a fan of the Brighton duo I decided to dig out the pens and paper and design something fun! I recorded the process, which can be seen at the bottom of this…

Treading Through Treacle

A brief history

For those who don’t know my name is Dan Edwards. I’m a 26 year old freelance designer from the UK.

I’ve been a freelance designer for about 5/6 years. I’ve been pretty successful at it, too. I’ve worked with some great companies and even been lucky enough to win a couple of awards. I live in a beautiful city on…

oozled v0.2

Search, filtering and more!

Today I’m super excited to announce two new major features in oozled!

The first, is search!

Search was the highest requested features of the first version of oozled, we’ve just rolled out a site wide search that will allow you to quickly find resources based on your keywords.

Announcing oozled

The online directory of everything creative

Today I’m super excited to be announcing the launch of oozled!