Fuck you! All of you.

Because you guys are so noisy, I can’t take this anymore. Share this place with you has become hell to me, like, it’s hard enough just sit and relax like a normal person and then all of you start to find 1000 problems about anything. I don’t care about the smiles and if they make me seem naïve, fuck this, I’ll smile whenever I want and I don’t need to have a reason to do that. Fall in love? That’s also my problem, not anybody else’s. I can proceed the way I think it’s better for me, I can even pretend it’s not there. Because love: who needs this shit? I ain’t got time to suffer for someone who doesn’t give a shit about me. And if I break this person’s heart: not my fucking problem. If my heart is broken? I’ll fix the fuck out of it. The truth is I can’t always be the person that people want me to be, I’m made of mistakes and, you know what? I don’t regret any of them. All I need is reach for my goals, but I need silence here to do that, is this too much to ask? Silence? I don’t want to care about anyone else, only me.

I’m fine, thank you. It’s just sometimes I forget how to breath.