Can I smile? Cause it probably makes me seem like a naïve person and that’s what I’m not.

Can I tell you what I know? I just want you to see that I’m smart without thinking I’m trying to project myself over you.

Can I laugh? My laugh is not pretty, is actually very boring, you need to tell me if that’s an ok thing to do.

Can I take your hand? I don’t want to invade your personal space but I guess that would be nice for both of us.

Can I fall in love? I’ve never been that nice to someone, someone has never been that nice to me.

Can I be jealous? I promise I won’t say anything, I’ll keep all of this on the inside cause I’m not good enough to proclaim.

Can I hate myself? Because I did everything wrong. Just like my jealousy, I kept it on the inside, I didn’t ask you if I could get close. Sorry I’m just a tiny mouse scared of being crushed.

Can I ask all of these questions now? Cause now it seems to be too late.

Can we both forget this? Cause sometimes you look like a tiny mouse and I don’t wanna be the one to break your heart.