From Dora to Amanda

Can I ask you to leave? I don’t want to be rude, but you make me feel so bad. I just want to feel human for a second.

Can I feel human for a second? Fall in love is not that bad, shouldn’t be a problem. Should be something for us to learn new sensations.

Can I talk about what I feel? Cause feeling these new things makes me want to scream about it.

Can I scream about it? I don’t​ like to bother you, Amanda. You’re nice, I know you like silence, but I need my space too. And you always show up, even when you’re not invited.

Can I be accepted like you are? I was trying to make something nice for all of us, something that would help me out, but you never want to help me, Amanda, you can only tell me to f-word off.

Can I keep going with this? Would be nice to all of us, but if you don’t really want to give my space, we can forget about it.