I can only work with facts. So I listed 14 facts about my life, I hope you like it!

1º I am beautiful. People around me also knows it, everybody loves to look at me and admire me. My hair is stylish, my body is perfect, my eyes are stunning.

2º I am clever. I can talk about any subject you want, my grades are awesome, I always have a new idea, a brilliant new idea. The world is lucky to have me.

3º I have true friends that support me and talk about whatever they want to me because they trust me.

4º I am rich. I can have the best choices, buy always the best stuff and live with comfort.

5º I have a successful love life. I’ve never been rejected and my baby loves me the way I need.

6º The previous fact sounds like a lie to you.

7º I’m still real, doesn’t matter what you think.

8º You don’t want me to be real because you want to like me.

9º I’m so superior that you can only hate me.

10º Still you try to reach for me, so you and​ me can become only one.

11º I’m a very real idea that lives in your head.

12º Still you can see me in flesh and bone human beings.

13º My job is to make you sad.

14º I’m never leaving.