The Dreamland Princess

I let the water touch my toes on the Dreamland beach
I turned on the power on the madness switch
Let the worry go away cause she’s a wicked crazy bitch
And let your heart concieve that long time dreamed wish

I may be sad but whatever happens I'll be okay
Cause life's been cruel to me since came this day
This new dragon I face is nothing like the ones I slayed
So I'll call him Stuart and listen what he has to say

The sharks in the Dreamland beach can't bite me
Cause they opened their jaws and I turned their teeth
Into marshmallow, it's white, soft and bittersweet
In earth's paradise the predators eat candy not meat

The Dreamland is not perfect but I like the sight
I'm sorounded by concrete giants touching the sky
People protect me although the violence is high
The wind leads the hours into the future, my past is a lie

The mistakes don't matter anymore, this is where I am
I'm a princess without royalty in a restless Dreamland
Climbing the trees in my mind, I'll do whatever I can
To enjoy my time in this life made of iron and sand

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