Time machine

Please go back
Everything went wrong
Everything went weird

Death doesn't come as a sweet touch
It's old, cold, sharp like a knife
Spiders inside my clock
Every hour is a sting

Now I need someone to carry me
To wash my body clean
To change my clothes
To feed me
I can't

Fuck, time, go back
But I don't know to when exactly I've been alive

Cause when I was five
My dad forgot to pick me up in school
And my toys were too old

Life once was bold
I just can't name a day

Cause when I was ten and a half
I showed up at the ball
Should it still matter anyway
But I remember their laugh

Oh dear, just take me there
Where things are exactly what they seem

Cause when I was fifteen
I had no idea what life was
My satisfaction was nothing but a dream

Please cut me out like a film
Make it shorter, time machine

Cause when I was twenty three
All the days were long
And no one could ever love me

Tape it inside a screen
Make it worth, time machine

Cause when I am gone
What will still be left to see