Ha first off, it was meant to be a joke — perhaps I should define “triggered”?
Pat Heery

By “recency bias” I only mean that I can point to examples when Danny Ainge pulled the trigger. This narrative of him always “kicking the can” or “Ponzi scheming” is just not true.

Now with respect to PG and Butler, it’s true that the Celtics could’ve beat the settled final offers. It’s also true that a lot of teams in the East could’ve beat those offers. The real point is those guys weren’t properly shopped. The people who deserve the shit are the Indy and Chicago GMs. They gave a Western Conference team discount to Minny and OKC to get them out of the conference, simple as that.

Pritchard’s PG trade is much worse because all he had to do is wait 4 days to see if Boston wanted to give the offer that you suggested. Yes, FOUR. DAYS. The Oladipo’s big contract+Sabonis offer would still be here today. That one isn’t Ainge’s fault at all.

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