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Chris Paul

  1. I saw S1 of TD, Nic wrote the whole thing and it ended in a very cliched fashion. If not for Cary’s fantastic direction, this show is 2 good episodes of writing but ultimately a waste of time. Cary is not on the show.
  2. Being a good novelist doesn’t necessarily make you a good TV writer or a good show producer. It certainly helps but judging Nic’s TV writing based on his novel writing is faulty.
  3. You know who is actually a good TV writer and show creator — David Milch. The worst episode of Deadwood is better than your average TD episode.
  4. Just because Homeland is still on the air, that doesn’t mean that TD should be. Different networks and different agendas. Showtime will keep any piece of crap on the air longer than it should be. Showtime’s track record is terrible.
  5. Both Milch and MA are talented enough to create their own show and not have to beat the dead horse that is TD. Which was my original point.
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