Yeah, you didn’t read it.
Lola Phoenix

I was trying to comment on a different article you wrote regarding non-monogamy not being part of ‘queer’ but the comment feature wasn’t working. It sounds like you’ve had lots of discrimination regarding parts of your identity other than the non-monogamous parts. “There are no slurs for non-monogamy.” Trust me, there are lots of slurs for it and shunning and some danger of physical harassment. Regarding your comment here about white privilege — I agree it exists — but whites didn’t invent slavery. Scandinavian blondes were highly sought slaves during earlier parts of history. The ‘white haired’ slaves stood out from their captors who were more dark complected. That was occurring around 1600AD. Slavery dates further back though to “The Code of Hammurabi in Babylon in the 18th century BCE.”

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