I’m Not Just Anybody: The Book We All Need

De Nichols
Jul 10, 2017 · 2 min read

I’ve been asked “why are you single?” nearly everyday since returning to my hometown (St. Louis, MO) from a 3 month public speaking tour.

From all of the convos I’ve had, I have teased the idea to write a hilarious book of answers called “I’m Not Just Anybody” about the tribulations of dating as a “magical-ass powerhouse unicorn” millennial. It would flow as follows:

Part 01: “Oh No, Baby, What Is You Doing?”

Chapter 1: You’re Not Just Anybody: Know It Humbly, Own It Fully, and Don’t Dumb Down Your Magic for Anybody
Chapter 2: Yes, They Are Really Afraid of You: Navigating Being Intimidating to Insecure People
Chapter 3: You’re Not a Savior: Love People As They Are, Not As You Imagine Them To Be
Chapter 4: Chicken & Egg: Busy & Single

Part 02: It’s On Them

Chapter 5: ConfusedBae: They Don’t Know What They Want. Don’t Catch Feelings as They Figure It Out
Chapter 6: “Why You’re Bothering Me When You Know You Got a Woman” with special insights by SZA
Chapter 7: If They Don’t Think They Are Good Enough, They Aren’t
Chapter 8: You’re a Grown Ass Woman: Don’t Play Games with Oversized Kids

Part 03: On the Path to Love

Chapter 9: Don’t Be Prude: Every Woman Has Her “Needs”
Chapter 10: IssaVibe: Recognizing and Loving Your Fellow Unicorns
Chapter 11: Build. Travel. Prosper: Always Live Your Best Life
Chapter 12: More than Enough: Maintaining Your Mental Health While Living Single and Magical

Bonus Chapter:

Poly-What? Pan-Huh? Understanding & Trying Out Relationships in Different Forms

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