If Warren joins Clinton, I’m Done Supporting Her.
Devin Reynolds

Devin, with all ‘due’ respect, your portrayal of the shift in the Democratic Party is simply wrong. I’m guessing you are a young, white male. I’m guessing that your world doesn’t intersect with these issues: Women (of all ages, stripes and colors), minorities (of all stripes and colors), the complexities of getting all kinds of groups together to work for the common good, the global poor, and any other number of issues Clinton & Warren have dealt with all their lives — and within a male-dominated, plainly biased establishment in Washington. If you had watched the hearings back in the day when Clinton fought tooth and nail for universal healthcare, or actually paid attention to her actual work, you’d be singing a different tune. I’m a Eurostyle social dem who ‘gets it’. I get your excitement over Sander’s ideas. But I’ve also watched him and her for decades and it’s clear who is more effective. I also understand that just by the ‘virtue’ of being wealthy, a person is not necessarily crooked — Clinton and Warren are fighting for exactly the same things and they both learned the hard way that you don’t win in the way Bernie claims you will. They have the scars to prove it’s folly. Believe what you will, but open your mind enough to understand that not all is as it seems and more is revealed as you age — if you have the intellect to accept that.

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