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I don’t think that’s quite fair…

First: Kennedy Meeks had a GREAT season that was the payoff of consistent, hard work. He was an absolute CHALLENGE for just about everybody he faced on the blocks.

Second: Hicks was inconsistent due to foul issues but he demonstrated really strong ability to take over stretches of games when he didn’t reach on defense and when the offense flowed through him early.

Combine those two factors and you have a strong justification for why Bradley wasn’t featured more. And I don’t think either of them was the critical factor: Bradley got nicked a few times this year, so he lost some time and he spent some time playing himself back into games. I don’t think Roy was hiding him so much as he wasn’t totally ready to shoulder the load and there were two other low post players (upperclassmen at that) who were ready to contribute and who elevated the whole team when they got rolling.

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