Trophy Wives (TWs)

Dead Beat Dads on Cronos
3 min readApr 1, 2023

A Dead Beat Dads Collection

(2nd Collection)

On April 10th, 2023 our 2nd collection, Trophy Wives, will be released. There are 3000 wives in this collection. Each one, a perfect match for a Dead Beat Dad.

With 7 trait categories and 9 to 22 traits in each category, they are even more unique than our first collection.

In addition, there are 7 Legendary Trophy Wives in the collection. These Legendary wives are 1 of 1 in the collection, and will have a reward if minted.

Mint Details

Launch is through CroDoo (URL at the bottom of article).

Mint Price = 100 CRO*

*Price changed to 50 CRO 12/5/23 after 900 wives minted

Collection size = 3000 NFTs

Bounties for Legendary Trophy Wives and unique traits/ID#s will be offered throughout the duration of the mint. In fact, there will be ~10,000 CRO given away during the mint:

7 Legendary Trophy Wives: 300 CRO = 2100 CRO

$ Background (~30) x 50 CRO = 1500 CRO

$ Bikini (~90) x 10 CRO = 900 CRO

Golden robe (~45) x 20 CRO = 900 CRO

$ Eyes (~60) x 15 CRO = 900 CRO

Golden Purse (~45) x 20 CRO = 900 CRO

Money Bag (~60) x 25 CRO = 1500 CRO

Trophy 🏆= Chance to win 1 Legendary at the end of mint; airdropped along with 300CRO bounty

NFT ID # 69 = 69 CRO

NFT ID # 420 = 69 CRO

Random Bounties will also be announced throughout the duration of the mint.

Secondary markets will open AFTER mint is complete.

Mint Funds

After the change in CRO price, the total funds generated will be 195,000 CRO. The following is a breakdown of where funds will go:

  • 65% (126,750 CRO) towards investments. Profits from these investments will go towards Teenage Dirtbags (3rd collection). Teenage Dirtbag holders will be able to claim on our website.
  • 10% (19,500 CRO) to launchpad costs.
  • 10% (19,500 CRO) go back to Dead Beat Dad NFT holders. DBD holders will be able to claim royalties on our website.
  • 8% (~15,000 CRO) will go towards giveaways and promotions.
  • 7% (13,650 CRO) will go towards the team project development and costs.

Utility of Trophy Wives

It takes two parents to make a kid, but only one to raise a Teenage Dirtbag” — anonymous Dead Beat Dad

As mentioned in our first Medium, Trophy Wives will begin to bring utility to our Dead Beat Dads. Owners of both NFTs will send off one Trophy Wife and one Dead Beat Dad on a honeymoon of their choice. More details in our next Medium explaining the Honeymoon platform.


Trading any crypto-related and blockchain asset, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is extremely risky and could result in significant capital losses and unexpected liabilities. Our NFT collections should not be perceived as securities or something that you make profits from based on our performance. All NFTs should be considered collectables which give them their value.

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