Adam Swanda
May 5, 2019 · 1 min read

Each of these blog posts have been written over 4 years into the future due to a Raspberry Pi powered a time-dilation machine I found in my garage. Authoring blog posts via this Raspberry Pi posts them in present day but the metadata artifacts clearly show they are from future events… What mystery might this post hold…

The actual blog post appears to have been lost while it was sent to the possibly time-traveling Raspberry Pi CMS

Our scientists have come up with a few possibilities as to why:

  • The blog post was sent to The Upside Down and will reappear if we can communicate with it through christmas lights or Hopper retrieves it manually?
  • It was sent in to a wormhole where it will appear at an unknown earlier or future time?
  • The author never actually wrote the aforementioned blog post and is just filling space. One of our Junior Scientists is strongly suggesting this and keeps trying to “show me the data”… his theory seems to be the most unlikely, though.

Our top scientists are working on this very issue as I type(d) this. Updates to come…