The Moments to Wrestling ratio

The brand split is the reason I don't want to watch WWE that much anymore.

I limit myself to some youtube rehashes of the show, at most from now on.

RAW is totally a motionless, hopeless mess with Mick Foley as its captain.

And I don’t like Foley,... with all the respect for what he did and means in this business, I don't find him entertaining, nor do I enjoy anything he does (even in TNA a few years back he was mildly entertaining at best). Same kind of thoughts about Daniel Bryan in fact. I don't like their fake smiles, their scripted lines and the matches that miss any kind of direction.

And yes, I’m someone who can wait for a story to be built up. No worries. I can wait. I have patience. I can wait until they turn Roman heal, I can wait until they take the cruiserweight division serious, I once sat through the whole movie “There will be blood” and liked it… so yeah, the pay off is not lost on me if it’s done well, in movies, TV shows or wrestling in this case.

Unfortunately, it’s not done well in WWE now.

I vote with my WWE network subscription, and I just cancelled it.

To take a page out of the book of Kevin Owens: he said in the Talk is Jericho podcast: Moments are what you remember from a match of PPV. And I agree. The moments is what counts, what is our pay-off for the hours and attention (and money) we give WWE.

Only, this “moments-to-wrestling ratio” is way down these days.

Now some math:

With 19 PPV’s 3 hours RAW, 2 hours Smackdown and 50 mins of NXT a week. And I’m not even counting the other wrestling shows of course. 19 PPVs with 4 hours on average makes 1.2 hours of wrestling a week (averages) added to the 6 hours of NXT, RAW and SD that’s about 7.2 hours a week.
First of all… who (except for wrestling-podcast hosts and Vince McMahon) has the time and courage to sit through that? And second: what do you get in return? How many of what Kevin Owens called “moments” do you have when doing this?

They’re on a downward spiral, where the number of hours you’ll have to watch their products, is rising for the amount of ‘moments’ you’ll get in return.

This number has almost doubled since the brand split, since the rosters on all the shows are thinner than ever, and the moments get more scarce while the hours to watch go up.(People who add the extra programming like pre-shows and talking smack on the WWEn are even in for an even higher number of hours… close to 10 / week).

You can’t put a hard figure on the entertainment value off course. Maybe one moment was so awesome and cool, that you would sit through 20 hours of wrestling shows to experience it. If that’s worth it for you, than that’s fine.

The week the CM Punk / Cena match with the pipe bomb was on, we all got worth on our money and time… no matter the moments to hours ratio.
The week we got the Sheamus / Rollins feud, we got less of that for example…

Of course you can’t have all the good stuff every single week. We know that as wrestling fans/marks/audience whatever… but if the product gets watered down like a cheap French wine, you actually can taste the difference after a while. Certainly when you’re drinking pure water in the end.

So to get a special moment (and this of course what counts as a moment differs from person to person) I needed to watch 4 hours of wrestling on WWE on average every week, the past month.
That moment, was when someone had a very good match with 2 very good moves on the last PPV.

That was it.

On average, I need to watch 3.5 hours of wrestling (including PPVs) to have this satisfaction.

I can’t compare it to a period before the brand split, but I can safely say that the moments/wrestling ratio was higher Let’s say 1 every 2 hours at least.

It’s maybe interesting to see if other people have the same numbers.

Maybe, instead of classic TV ratings, we need to launch our own “rating” system.

And instead of rating a show 1 to 5 stars, maybe give it X moments / hours as a quotations.

So a 3 hour show with 3 moments has a “1 M/H rating”. (M/H moments to hours)

A 2 hour show with 1 moment has 0.5 M/H rating

A 6 hour show with 2 moments has 0.33 M/H rating

A very special NXT episode with 3 moments can even go to 3 M/H rating and so on.

Maybe we can rate wrestling this way from now on. Reflecting the way we get value out of the shows, in comparison with the time we put in it.


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