“You think that you past it.”

September has officially ended, so, it’s time to finally wake up! 
It’s been a long way and I am still not really sure what I feel about it. 
During these days I met plenty of people and every time I felt that it was easier than a time before. It’s a new level of my social skill, I’m happy. :D
More than a month ago I also met my group mates. Even if I talk to them not as often as I want to, I know that they’re very kind and nice people and I have already got used to them. Btw, I was lucky to get several very good teachers. Sometimes they lift my spirits and I want to be like them when I’ll become a teacher.

And now it’s time for the letter that I’ve written to myself (yeeey, I love myself so much)

39 days ago you became a student of LUNN. 
But that’s not all.
 I want you to be on your way till the very end. But not on this way, actually. You need to work faster and manage your time properly. I know that you can be a hardworker if you want, you just do it wrong. And also I want you to be more communicative, seriously, that’s pathetic.
 There is a lot of things that you want to do. So you have to. And I wish you a good luck. 
With all my love,
From me for me.