I Took Control of my Biological Clock at Age 30
Aidan Madigan-Curtis

My wife and I are the parents of two grown men. One married with a child on the way.

Oddly enough yesterday, in the car, we were discussing everything from adoption to having a surrogate carry your child, to invitro fertilization. Compared to our friends, we had our children later in life. For my wife 33 and 37. For me 34 and 39(the difference in the math is due to the birth dates). We chose to wait basically because we weren’t willing to stop ‘playing' yet. We both have always had careers but put social life first. That doesn’t mean that we were party animals, just that we love the great outdoors, the hiking, camping, canoeing, etc. and weren’t ready for 2AM feedings and back to school night.

But that time did come, when we, like you felt ready. We didn’t freeze eggs we gauged fertility the old fashioned way. Thermometers and a calendar checking off days since the last period. We got lucky. And. Hope that you do too.

The strangest part, really was back to school night when we felt like Grandparents instead of Parents. But this too passed.

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