Hello, thanks for taking the time to check out our roadmap. DeadHeadz has a very simple goal in mind. Create an NFT collection that pays dividends in MATIC. Many NFT projects can be staked and you receive the NFT collections token as a reward. But what happens when the collection volume inevitably dies down. Well the price of the NFT and token crashes and you’re left holding the bag.

We want to avoid this problem by providing real outside value to the project. We will invest 80% of all profits from sales and secondary sales into projects that will produce passive income. A few examples of this will be:

  • Borrowing/lending projects like AAVE.
  • Staking coins/tokens.
  • Providing liquidity as well as stake tokens in farms on Defi projects.
  • Community voted investments.

No high risk projects/activities will be considered for investing project funds.

We plan to release a staking website where you can stake your DeadHeadz and instead of receiving a valueless token in exchange you will receive dividends paid in MATIC from the investment profits.

We also plan to use a small portion of the profits to fund what we call the Buyback Program. We will periodically buy the lowest listed DeadHeadz and either relist them one at a time at a later date under floor price or they will be used in giveaways. This will help keep trade volume stable during the slow times.

We plan to release the staking website towards the end of Q3 this will allow the project fund to grow considerably before we start giving out rewards.

A more detailed roadmap will be released in the near future.

If you have any questions please reach out to us on Twitter.



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