Its been 18 months since the Deadly Yarns idea first crept quietly into my head and planted itself. And it has been a little over six months since I purchased a domain and put together a basic website. “Launching soon!” my landing page pronounced. “Soon” came and went, but despite my best efforts, the “Launching” part still hasn’t happened. Did I jinx myself?

Time is a cruel mistress. Over these 18 months, I’ve developed new appreciation for the fact that the more you try and pack into your week, the faster and slipperier time becomes. Running through your fingers like mercury.

Naively, I thought that Deadly Yarns would have found their way into underwear drawers far and wide by now. And whilst my own drawer is brimming with prototypes and samples, no finished product has been shipped.

So, where am I up to, and what has happened in the preceding months?

  • Prototypes have been designed, made, tested, redesigned, and remade anew. Hand on heart, the final versions are the most comfortable undies I’ve ever worn.
  • We’ve sourced many different grades and versions of the fabled Modal fabric, and incorporated these into the prototypes. There is HUGE variation in the feel and quality of different fabric mills’ offerings, and securing something exceptional I think is really important.
  • We’ve searched high and low for the best components, the waistband, the labelling, and the final packaging. We’re still nailing down the specifics on these.
  • Different printing processes have been trialled, and the results have been worn, washed and worn again. We’ve tried screen printing, digital reactive and pigment prints, and sublimation. Each are slightly different, and we’re only going to use the very best.

Top of the to-do list is locking down a manufacturer. I’m talking to several right now — fantastic craftsmen and women who love what they do and are excited to help.

Producing a physical product, a tangible thing that I can hold and feel and use, has been a big motivator in itself. The world and its digital economy is driving more and more creativity and entrepreneurship online, and whilst I love a good app as much as the next millennial, I’m very excited to be building a widget.

The length of time this has taken is entirely down to me. I am fussy, particular, and time-poor (I’m still working fulltime at my day-job). But I’m pouring all the energy I can into this, and I can’t wait to share the results with you all.

So, dear friends, stay tuned. and watch this space. Stride bravely into the sticky English summer assured in the knowledge that your nether-regions will soon be liberated from bad fabric and bad design. Deadly Yarns are coming.