(183): The Excitement of Stormy Weather
Betta Tryptophan

Nice post. I grew up in tornadoes (Arkansas) but now live in hurricanes (NC) with the occasional tornado. In AR, neighbors had a dug out they called a ‘fraidy hole for riding out storms. Waiting out any kind of storm is surreal, you can’t go anywhere and you’re awfully aware of where you’re staying.

And yes, people here put their bag of peanuts into their Coke. I’ve never tried it but have seen many a person, standing in line at convenience store, pouring their peanuts into the Coke while they wait to check out. Mayhaps one day I shall try it, just cuz now I gotta’ know. Is it for the salty Coke or is it the way the peanuts taste? Another great mystery of life.

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