The New ‘Walden’ is now live on Kickstarter.
Matt Steel

Do you understand why some of the editorial decisions you’re making are an issue?

I mean, in principle, Walden is in Free Domain, go nuts — it’s your choice. But it’s an interesting thought exercise. Changing “men” to “people” for example, is very inclusive, but is the perception, nuances and saying and the like meant to be inclusive? That depends on your ideals.

As a man, alone in the woods, labouring over a book, Henry David Thoreau did not intend to offend anyone in the 21st Century. His art was his expression, from his perspective. You could argue it changes nothing to change gender pronouns etc. But you get a lensed view, like looking at the Mona Lisa through binoculars.

Anyway, I understand edits happen but when they change the perspective of the artist to become more accessible, it blurs the lines a bit.

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