History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

You’re a major in history and anthropology, not telepathy or fortune-telling Nostradamus.

Tout “those who do not look to history are doomed to repeat it” all you want, but at the end of the day — it’s merely a saying.

I can’t say Trump, Brexit, Putin are good for anyone but lumping everything you dislike about the world into one big visible problem ignores the problems we don’t hear about but feel — corporations as people lobbying for laws that benefit corporations, crippling student debt, bought congress seats, economic inequality, etc etc. These are way more likely to result in war — but let’s give a wig-wearing 70-year old idiot all the credit… nevermind those invisible problems, I’ve got to bemoan the host of The Apprentice.

Time has shown Brexit has given a humble boost to the UK economy — not a nuclear war. If the EU did their jobs correctly, there’d be no Brexit in the first place but they were bloated and ineffective and you can believe that AND still dig helping refugees. Trump is an issue for certain, but what do we have on the other side — a very shady corporate puppet, spinning the “it’s time for a woman to be president” rhetoric without actually engaging with the American people on issues they care about; lifting agendas from opponents and providing Republican Lite to Liberals.

THAT’S the problem, not necessarily Trump. The electoral system is broken, and millions are using Trump as a protest vote. To blame Trump is to be cool with Cancer in your body, but blame its growth for your death — sorry, cancer grows… that’s how it works. Without a broken electoral system, someone like Trump would be laughed out but right now there are no reasonable candidates left — it’s us vs. them, Red vs. Blue, USA vs. Russia, Trump Vs. Hillary, Pro-Brexit Vs. Brexit, etc etc etc.

Then you talk about Nuclear War as if history can teach us it’ll happen, even if there’s never been a 100% true-blue Nuclear War in history nor have you taken into account the power of the internet’s ability to share information.

You’ve essentially said: “I don’t like these things. I’m sure they’ll cause Nuclear War.” Are you insane? Observe and report Historian — you’re about as reliable on future events as a weather man.

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