If you find yourself feeling defensive instead of compassionate, then you’re not hearing what she’s…
Emily Munroe

Yeah see I was gonna stay out of this one but I guess I’m feeling feisty today.

That whole “if you have feelings it’s your fault” narrative has been parroted so much that I am now thoroughly convinced that the 70% of internet must have attended that lecture, that one day, at that one university. The ones who played hookie made sure to get the notes.

The thing that you’re doing is not only a bullying tactic, via shaming (BREAKING: Liberals can bully, too) — it is also an attempt to literally thought-control other human-beings. Further, it is grounded in inherently fallacious logic. You could, for instance, apply the logic of your argument to the author’s piece. Using the logic you have put forth, if the author is upset, her defensiveness (as opposed to an objective analysis of what she is so angry about) must come from within and, as such, can only be remedied through personal reflection and growth.

Though I personally really don’t agree with the author’s stance, it is her right to state and defend it. I also don’t fully agree with the commentor you’re attempting to school. But both have the right to have thoughts and feelings about things and others have the right to have thoughts and feelings about other people’s thoughts and feelings. Trying to control/suppress either side is the antithesis of progressivism.

We will never move forward if we’re already sinking where we stand.