The problem with propaganda — Generation Now

Because our survival depends on acknowledging the problem.

Where is accountability when you need it? Congress recently introduced a bill that proposed to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency. That sentence is frightening. What world are they living in? What planet are they living on? Have they been transported from a different generation before science concluded that humanity’s actions are having adverse effects on the environment, and in essence, scientists say we are past the point of no return concerning certain aspects of climate change? Maybe before there were billions of people on earth, maybe before there was pollution and waste caused by billions of people on earth, maybe before there was global transportation and an industrialized world economy. Maybe they’re from a generation where humans still walked or rode horses to and fro and the imprint humanity left on the planet wasn’t as severe as the one we’re leaving now. I don’t know what they’re thinking or possibly what generation they’re seemingly stuck in, but I’m living in generation now. This generation, right now, when awareness is crucial to our survival and accountability is required for our actions. The climate should be our number one priority because without a habitable planet for our species to thrive on, what do we have left? Our environmental existence on a global level is of utmost importance. More important than it’s ever been.

There is no denying the modern-day world is leaving a negative imprint on planet earth in ways that no other generation before us left. Earth may have always went through changes, but now, because of the effects of human activity: burning fossil fuels, continued use of non-renewable resources being stripped from earth, depletion of ozone, removal of forests, hazardous toxins and chemicals in environment, oceans, seas, and rivers…leading to wildlife and sea life endangerment, repeated oil spills by big oil companies, rising sea levels past the point of no return, mass deaths of sea life washing up in canals, bays, and on coasts around the world, big commercial farming with use of pesticides, growth hormones, etc. The more we consume, the greater the need, the more we destroy, the more earth changes, the greater the effects of those changes will be on humanity and all future generations.

There are people who say it’s propaganda and the earth has always changed. The big difference in previous changes compared to current changes is those changes have never resulted as reactions to the effects of modern-day human activity and the consequence of those actions on our environment and on earth as a whole. That’s happening now. That’s what global warming and climate change is all about. It’s not so much about the earth changing, as it’s about the effects modern humanity has on those changes. For example, those changes are happening more rapidly now, or more frequently than ever before. The cycle in which those changes took place previously are now noticeably different at an alarming rate. Or greater changes are taking place in smaller time-frames and causing greater effects on the environment in less time than before.

What is the point of climate change propaganda? What does any scientist or government have to gain by pushing a so-called climate change propaganda? This information is brought to the public’s attention so we can be informed of what’s happening to the earth around us and maybe, just maybe…as a collective, we can decide to do something about it and change our ways. What good do we do for, or to earth? Seriously…someone please tell me one good thing humanity does for, or to earth? Most of what we do is take from earth, use the planet for our needs, strip the planet of its natural resources, pollute the earth, the waters and environment, and destroy wildlife with no regard for what that really means.

Our modern-day generation is the generation to create huge demand for dirty, fuel-burning vehicles and global transportation, big industrial outlets to push the world economy, and commercial farming to feed everyone. And lets not forget all the waste we produce. There’s a huge waste pile in the ocean floating on the surface, and there are countless numbers of landfills full as far as the eye can see with human waste products. All the electronics that get thrown out, all the hazardous materials that must be disposed of..Where do you think it all goes…It goes in, or on the earth. That’s waste products for billions of people around the world. And much of that waste takes generations to biodegrade and some never biodegrades.

Previous generations on earth, during earth’s changes, didn’t have billions of people to feed and provide fresh water or running vehicles and electricity for. The earth didn’t have to contain and sustain billions of people and the waste produced by billions of people..Now, the planet has to engage with and react to a modern-day civilization and it’s having adverse effects on earth. Those effects will be long-term unless we change our ways. Effects which will be evident to our children, our children’s children, and all the children born long after we’re gone. A logical conclusion would be that earth would have an adverse reaction to the negative effects humanity is imposing on the planet. Action always has consequence, good or bad…so you just have to ask yourself, what kind of consequences do you think humanity’s actions are currently having, or going to have on earth?