The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Why is it that most new television shows, movies, fiction, and sci-fi stories portray a scenario of doom and gloom for humanity’s future? If it’s not alien invasion or zombie apocalypse, it’s government or corporate take-over, or global nuclear war. Oh wait, what about the viruses, plagues, and natural, world-wide disasters that do us in. How about when earth becomes inhabitable so the rich and capable flee to a new planet, or to a man-made location suspended in space, leaving the poor chumps on earth to fend for themselves. And then, of course, there’s the ever-popular AI emergence and the robotic revolutionary evolution that is seemingly inevitable, in which, after forever changing the world, robots turn on humans and decide they want to take over earth and make us their bitches. I mean, seriously, why is it we like to paint a future of major catastrophe befalling humanity? By doing so, it’s the same as locking in the result, fixing the outcome, willing it into existence. Yet, if a doom and gloom scenario did eventually take place, we’d wonder how we got to that point and have regrets that we didn’t do something to keep it from happening.

I don’t get it…what are we thinking? Why does creativity of the human mind equate to darkness, the unthinkable, the irrational? I could write a story of bliss, a future utopia, a society where everyone is happy and humanity has made peace. A future where earth has healed and life is good. A future with no outcome of war or global destruction, or invasions, or take-overs. But that story would be boring and most likely never make it beyond my imagination. It’s crazy. It’s safe to say humanity thrives on chaos and drama. Sure, I’m fairly cynical but I’m also an idealist — honestly, when was the last time a blockbuster, multi-million dollar movie thrived at the theaters that didn’t include some level of violence and turmoil? Even animated films have mild violence. This is why we can’t escape the vicious cycle of violence as a civilization…because from a young age, we teach children to accept violence (any level of violence) as normal, tolerable and logical, even when we know that it’s not rational. From movies, television shows, internet content, music, and video games, we create a cycle in which the acceptance of violence carries over from generation to generation — with the next generation inheriting the same human conditions as the previous.

Reality begins in our thoughts, which become our words, which, ultimately, become our actions. Actions make reality. What we do and the effects of what we do is what happens. If we’re constantly forecasting our own demise, eventually won’t that manifest and be reality. What’s the point? Why not just give up now and forget even trying to have a future if all we see for that future is failure. When is it time for us to imagine and realize a better future for humanity? A successful future of prosperity, equality and peace. Would that be boring? It’d be nice to give future generations something wonderful to inherit — a better world than we’re living in now.

As a parent, I want my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to live in a good world. I don’t desire the bad and the ugly. I don’t want that for them, or for anyone. I don’t imagine, or want to realize a bad, ugly place for the future of humanity. Good is not boring. Good is good. We create the reality that exists, whether it be today or tomorrow, whether it be one person or all of humanity…we create reality. Our thoughts, words, and actions create reality. What we imagine can very well come true. What we believe is the root of everything that makes things happen. We can create a better outcome than doom and gloom. We can make a better future — starting today.