GOP lawmaker: Universal health care is too expensive but tax cuts for the rich are necessary
E.A. Crunden

Rep. Mo Brooks is either ignorant and does not know how the US Government funds programs such as Social Security, SNAP, etc, in which case he should be fired. Or he is heavily invested in propagating a lie to the American people which is the US can go bankrupt, in which case he should be fired and perhaps prosecuted for causing thousands of lives that have been lost due to the austerity measures he helped impose on all of us. As sole issuer of the US dollar there is no chance (aside from our representatives deciding to allow it) for our Government to go bankrupt or run out of the dollars it creates. That would be like a score keeper running out of points to award in a game. It is that ridiculous. Want to know why our country is in decline? Because of representatives like Mo Brooks. The people of Alabama need to wake the fuck up. Stop electing morons like Mr. Brooks. Here’s a quick lesson for you, Mr. Brooks: TAXES DO NOT FUND SPENDING. Oh, but I think you already know that. Why? Because you are pushing for tax breaks for the wealthy! If you were so concerned about our Government going broke don’t you think that you would be glad to pay your taxes? That is like emptying the tub because it does not have enough water. So, people of Alabama, do you know why he says such stupid things? Because he thinks you are that stupid. Are you? #MMT Go learn economics.

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