Making Music

I can’t seem to embed Soundcloud so bear with me :(

The track above is my recent work on electronic music. So lately I’ve started exploring GarageBand! It has been in my laptop for years but I’ve never done anything with it until a few days ago. I’ve found something that I’m finally excited about!

So I’ve been wanting to make music since like, ever. I have been writing songs for as long as I can remember. I can also proudly say that my lyric is used in a friend’s band who I really admire, so that’s something I really appreciate him to do but also something I am really proud of myself (thanks, gik! Even though it’s not the best lyrics haha). I have lots of musician friends who I really admire; they inspire me in many ways. One of the reasons why I admire them is because they just went for it. You know, created a band, recorded, and distributed. I tend to over analyze things and chicken out or inflate my ego thinking that I can do this and catch up anytime, or laziness, or just lack of confidence. Experience speaks for itself. Finally, I just opened GarageBand (randomly and out of boredom) and started actually doing things. AND IT WASN’T THAT BAD AT ALL. I was actually making what I wanted to do happen. Which is nice for a change.

However, GarageBand has its limitations. I used to play the piano when I was younger, and was thinking maybe I could get a Midi Controller with a proper DAW (FL or Ableton probably?) and do sumn’ nasty.

Before I messed around with GarageBand I also had a friend who wanted to create a band with me and it is still in progress (we need to save up our broke ass some money to buy equipment lol) so I guess building muscle memory (well actually just clicking on the track pad…) with GarageBand would be great. So hopefully even more productive things will happen in the future! I am so excited!

I created 3 playlists as of now: electronic, game soundtrack, and lullabies.

This game soundtrack is created for a project of my brother’s (he is a game developer). However, I am not sure if he would finally use my tracks, though. Nothing is certain, but it’d be okay if he doesn’t afterall. I just like doing ‘em!

And last but not least,

This playlist was made at midnight when everybody was asleep. Was kinda in the mood for a creepy vocal thing. Oh, speaking of vocals, I did a cover on Lost Stars and people were really positive about it!! Talk about a confidence boost!

So I am pretty excited and happy about what things I could work on in the future!! I am still very much shitty and I NEED to learn LOTS more. One of my goals is to create something like this:

So goddamn catchy. Help.

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