From Max I got product advice, I got someone who had a network, and I got a mentor. I got someone who had gone through the struggles of building something.
Here’s what I learned when I was one week away from startup death.
Suhail Doshi

I recently spoke with Hunter Walk, venture capitalist at Homebrew, the seed stage fund. He has a similar philosophy. Having a “partner of conviction” — a lead investor with the most skin in the game — will be one of the best sources of professional and organizational growth for a founder at an early stage. When you have a relationship with your investor based on trust and communication, your investor will not only be there for periods of high growth, but the more difficult plateaus. I’d be curious to know what Hunter thinks of “dumb” vs. “smart” money. What if you THINK you’re getting a network but you’re just getting a check with a name brand?

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