Amazon Web Services

A lot has changed since Amazon launched it’s Cloud solution some 10 years ago. None expected it to completely change the way Business was being done. If you ask anyone to start a small or medium size company on its own, then he/she would probably take 2–3 years to setup without cloud setup. Cloud Services are way ahead of Traditional IT System.

To be able to open a small office of 10 people, we would need to buy lot many things such as Physical Office Space on Rent, Commercial Electricity Installations, Networking Components like Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Racks, File Servers, Storage Servers, Linux, MAC, Windows OS with Workstations, Software Licenses, Applications, AntiVirus , Leased Lines, Internet Connectivity with Redundancy etc.

If you calculate the cost for setting up these many devices, It will go in ~$100,000. So, Traditional IT system is very costly and not easy for a normal Businessman to start.

Now, what Cloud has to Offer. Cloud Infrastructure provides Elasticity, Resilience, Flexibility, Scalability, Automation, Security and Low Running Cost.

Now with AWS Cloud Computing, You just need to have a Login ID, Password. That’s it. Access AWS website from your workstation. For Hosting Server on AWS Cloud, You would just need to pick the services you want to use. e.g. You just don’t need to worry about Loading Operating System, Installing Applications and Buying Devices like Servers, Routers, Firewalls etc. You simply need to select and use OS, RAM, Storage as per your need.

So, your initial cost is totally saved, you dont need to spend huge amount. AWS provides you flexibility to test all of the services as Free for First Year( Limited usage though). So in case you are not aware how it works, login and see the tutorials which are published by AWS. Believe me , It is very easy.

However, To be able to operate AWS, You need to get certain amount of knowledge. If you want to get certified and looking to make your career in AWS, then you can go for Most Popular Online course in the world Right now.

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