Stylish Bottom Wear for Men This Summer

May 19, 2017

Summer heat is showering all over India now. With May and June yet to pass, the temperature is only going to surge up more. The fashion trends that look stylish in winter and spring are now outdated. Jeans and long pants will only attract more heat and sweat in the summer months. We need a cooler and airier alternative to these long bottom wear options. This is where capris, 3/4ths, and shorts come in handy. From a day at the beach to the workout sessions, these bottom wear options will allow you freedom of motion without having to worry about the sticky sweat.

There is a variety of colorful options for the bottom wear available on the online shopping websites. These options include shorts and 3/4th, cargos, track pants, capris, and joggers. You can find these stylish options on websites like Snapdeal, Jabong, Flipkart, Myntra and for heavy discounts.

Let us have a look at the best bottom wear suited for you according to the occasion and location.

Capris and Shorts

The most popular bottom wear for summer includes 3/4thand shorts for men. These bottom wear options allow free motion and even help you look trendy in the sunny weather. They are often available in several different colour and shades. These shades allow you to pair them up with various kinds of t-shirts to give you the cool summer look.

3/4thand shorts are perfect to be worn on a beach party, as they do not accumulate any sand and dirt. They also allow you to skinny dip without worrying about wetting your clothes in the ocean. Currently, you can find a wide variety of printed shorts and 3/4thbottom wear on Flipkart and

With the coupons available on you can easily score good deals on these bottom wear options.


The most trendy bottom wear for men this year has been the joggers. In fact, in several places around the country, people prefer wearing these joggers instead of jeans and pair it up with ethnic tops too to enjoy a casual yet formal type of look. Joggers are perfect for the summerseason, as they do not stick close your body like the jeans allowing sweat to free flow.

You can find several trendy colourful joggers on Flipkart and Do not forget to use the discount & coupon codes available on to score a good discount on your favourite pair of joggers.

Cargo Pants

The cargo pants give you that macho look while covering your whole legs. They are made of light material like cotton that does not absorb a lot of heat. Cargos do not pack a lot of thick denim material. Instead, they are made up of airier material. Cargo pants are perfect for a biking adventure around town.

With these cargo pants, it is possible to stay cool in the hot summer of India. You can use the coupons from to get two cargo pants at the price of one.

Originally published at on May 19, 2017.